Saturday, October 8, 2016


Paper Piecing Pattern

I have been having such a great time meeting so many wonderful seamstresses from around the world on Instagram. I decided to create a pattern and give it away to all you that enjoyed my post and wondered where you could possibly find or purchase a pattern such as this. *Scroll down for pattern download link.*

Here is how i came to this actual design for those who wonder how to create paperpieced patterns.  I got an image of a rose.  Now you can do this by hand (using a ruler and a pen) but I like using my computer programs so I decided to redraw the image in Corel Draw.

As you can see I changed few things and simplified the image. When you make this type of pattern, you always work your way from the outside in.

For this project I used the Ombre by V and Co.  Moda fabric collection. I think it works great for this type of project.  My background is Quilters Linen Screen print D#9864 Robert Kaufman fabrics. 

Here is the pattern file for you- ROSE PATTERN

There are 4 separate sections to this pattern.  When you piece them together, piece A and B sections first, then add C to AB section and D to AB section.

Have fun and let me know how your design went by tagging me on INSTAGRAM #jitkadesignrose

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cloth dolls perfectly imperfect

I love to sew and create unique gifts for friends and family.  Recently I came across a photo of a doll and so I did my research and found a pattern on Etsy from Retromama Here are a few dolls in my version :).  I call these dolls perfectly imperfect, even though I put a lot of effort into detail, they are after all handmade.

I love the mary jane detail shoes